How Band Equipment Works

Equipped Clubs

Even if you are playing in a large club that has its own mixer, amp and speakers, you should consider bringing several pieces of your own equipment.

For example, many bands bring their own mikes, mike cables, mike stands and an 8-channel or 12-channel mixer. The band runs all its mikes to its own mixer. The band sets its mix with its own mixer and then sends its mixed signal to the club's mixer. That way, the band can control the mix rather than letting someone at the club control it. It can also simplify things if there is no one at the club to run the sound board. You won't have to learn the club's board, since you'll be using only one of its channels.

If you plan to mike your guitar amps, then you should bring the amps and the mikes you plan to use. If you are using amp emulators or direct input boxes, then you should bring those and plug them into your own mixer.