10 Easy DIY Backyard Games

Outdoor Twister
You could drag a regular Twister mat outside to play, but a few cans of spray paint and an outdoor space can save your indoor mat from wear and tear. © ANDREW COWIE/AFP/Getty Images

Left hand, red. Left foot, yellow. Take Twister to the backyard; turn the flexibility-challenging game into a lawn game for your next garden party with a few cans of spray paint; red, blue, yellow, and green are traditional to the game, but if you're worried about how well green paint on your green grass will show, switch things up and try white. Spray 24 circles on your lawn -- like the original game, that's four rows, one of each color, with six circles per row), or make things a little more professional looking by measuring and marking straight rows and creating a cardboard stencil for painting. Choose who calls first and get playing.