10 Easy DIY Backyard Games

Horseshoes have been entertaining people for hundreds of years, and the game is just as fun as ever. © William Gottlieb/CORBIS

During a game of horseshoes, players take turns throwing (called pitching) two horseshoes at a target (a stake in the ground). There are more than 15 million horseshoe pitchers across North America, playing both casually and in organized teams, and you can join in at home with a DIY pit in your backyard [source: NHPA]. Horseshoes is a lawn game played on a court, 46 feet (14 meters) long by 6 feet (just about 2 meters) wide -- but since that size might not be ideal for at-home players, backyard dirt or sand courts are often much smaller.

During a single game you may pitch as many as 3,000 shoes, which as it turns out can be a fun way to get a good workout [source: NHPA]. If pitching shoes doesn't seem like much work, consider this: A horseshoe weighs in at about 2.5 pounds (1.1 kilograms), and if you play to 40 points, you'll throw two shoes for roughly 50 innings, which could burn as much as 150 calories every hour of gameplay [sources: Lanhum, Krautwurst].