Hellboy Makeup: An Interview with Jake Garber

Life on the Set of Hellboy

Left to right: "Mer-Man" Abe Sapien (Doug Jones) and Hellboy (Ron Perlman)
Left to right: "Mer-Man" Abe Sapien (Doug Jones) and Hellboy (Ron Perlman)
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HSW: As the Hellboy makeup artist, describe a day on the set.

Jake Garber: Well, it's early (laughing). When we were in Prague ... the normal life is you're usually up relatively early. We were doing "Hellboy" in something called splits. [That] means you're essentially starting in the middle of the day. You're going from about noon 'till midnight. So I would show up with Ron about four hours prior to when he was needed on set for crew-call to begin the makeup [process]. The usual process is Ron would show up there and we were allowed four hours. The actual time he was sitting in the chair was usually two and a half hours. But I wanted him to be able to get up, stretch, and have a cup of coffee, maybe a little breakfast so it's not quite as grueling as sitting there for four hours straight.