Paintings by Gustave Courbet

French impressionist Gustave Courbet (1828-1885) applied the idea of direct observation to his subject selection.

Working in a dark palette and a rough style that opposed the standard convention of Salon finish, Courbet rejected the established artist's repertoire drawn from history and mythology. He preferred subjects that recorded his own experience: the working people of his native village Ornans and scenes of his life as an artist.

Courbet became an outspoken advocate of "realism," a modern approach that was frank in style and unsentimental in expression. The links below will take you to paintings of wonderful seascapes by Gustave Courbet found in this article.

  • The Edge of the Sea at Palavas: The Edge of the Sea at Palavas is a great example of Gustave Courbet's usage of the dark palette to portray life honestly. Learn about the realistic The Edge of the Sea at Palavas.
  • The Calm Sea: Painting en plein air at the Trouville shore, Gustave Courbet beautifully captured the movement of the clouds over the still sea. Learn about The Calm Sea.

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