17 Notable Super Bowl Halftime Shows

By: the Editors of Publications International, Ltd.


The Super Bowl is now the most-watched television event of the year in the United States. With an audience that large, it's no wonder that musicians covet the halftime performance spot. Below, you will find our list of 17 notable Super Bowl halftime shows.


1. Super Bowl XXV -- 1991

New Kids on the Block

2. Super Bowl XXVI -- 1992

Gloria Estefan/Brian Boitano/Dorothy Hamill

3. Super Bowl XXVII -- 1993

Michael Jackson/3,500 local children

4. Super Bowl XXVIII -- 1994

Clint Black/Tanya Tucker/Travis Tritt/The Judds


5. Super Bowl XXIX -- 1995

Tony Bennett/Patti LaBelle/Arturo Sandoval/Miami Sound Machine

6. Super Bowl XXX -- 1996

Diana Ross

7. Super Bowl XXXI -- 1997

Dan Akroyd/John Goodman/Jim Belushi/James Brown/ZZ Top

8. Super Bowl XXXII -- 1998

Boyz II Men/Smokey Robinson/Martha Reeves/The Temptations/Queen Latifah

9. Super Bowl XXXIII -- 1999

Stevie Wonder/Gloria Estefan/Big Bad Voodoo Daddy/Savion Glover


10. Super Bowl XXXIV -- 2000

Phil Collins/Christina Aguilera/Enrique Iglesias/Toni Braxton

11. Super Bowl XXXV -- 2001

Aerosmith/*N'SYNC/Britney Spears/Nelly/Mary J. Blige

12. Super Bowl XXXVI -- 2002


13. Super Bowl XXXVII -- 2003

Shania Twain/No Doubt/Sting

14. Super Bowl XXXVIII -- 2004

Janet Jackson/Justin Timberlake/P. Diddy/Kid Rock/Nelly


15. Super Bowl XXXIX -- 2005

Paul McCartney

16. Super Bowl XL -- 2006

The Rolling Stones

17. Super Bowl XLI -- 2007



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