10 Scary Movies Where the Pets Don't Die

If you love these guys and scary movies as much as we do, you'll like this list. Sergey Nivens/iStock/Thinkstock

Fido finds his way into a lot of horror films. With a friendly wag of the tail, a silver-screen canine can win the audience over, as viewers tend to feel sympathy for a dog in danger or joy when one plays the hero. Likewise, when a pet is hurt or killed, it can emphasize the horror of a situation or the depravity of the villain. Sometimes that's just effective storytelling on the filmmaker's part. Just as often it's a cheap, manipulative ploy. Did we also mention that cinematic family pets don't require the lengthy exposition that sympathetic human characters do?

If you enjoy scary movies but prefer to avoid feeling terrible because someone's pet was killed, even a fictional one, these 10 films amp up the scares while leaving our furry friends happy and safe. Keep in mind this list may contain spoilers, particularly on the matter of whether or not the dog dies. And since we're equal opportunity animal lovers, we're including cats, too.