10 Bizarre Olympic Events



Go, little curling stones, go!
Go, little curling stones, go!
Julian Finney/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

As far as bizarre sports go, curling, in all its slippery, broom-wielding glory, leaves us especially captivated. And it's not just the fascinating activities and conversations among teammates that keep us glued to the TV screen, it's also the bewilderment: Who on Earth conceived of this sport in the first place?

Four-member teams take turns sliding large granite stones down icy runways towards the big bull's-eyes at the far end. But those stones don't make the journey alone. No, they're accompanied by team members wielding brooms which when vigorously swept, can partially melt the ice, reducing friction and helping with course correction and speed regulation.

One of the most unique aspects of curling is that it seems to be one of the few Olympic sports that takes place in painstakingly slow motion. With so many other competitions focused on heart-bursting speed, it's nice to see one focused on careful craft. However strange that craft is.