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If the biathlon sounds bizarre, the modern pentathlon definitely takes it up a notch. These athletes must prove their mettle in not two, but five disparate skills. A summer sport, as opposed to the winter biathlon, men began competing in the pentathlon in 1912. Women were inducted in 2000.

This event's purported origin story involves a French cavalry officer who had to beat impossible odds to deliver a crucial message. Starting out on horseback, he also had to fence, run, swim and shoot to get the missive to its intended recipient.

Fast-forward to the present, and in a single day, a pentathlon athlete must first fence all other opponents, swim 200 meters, then ride an unfamiliar horse through a 12-jump course. Those who pass this rigorous test must proceed through a combined bout of running and shooting to get the gold. Then they get to take a nap, we assume, if they so desire.

Author's Note

This is the first of several articles related to the Olympics that I have been tasked with writing over the course of the summer, and I couldn't be more thrilled about that. Since I was a kid, the only televised sporting events I've followed with a passion have been the World Cups and the Olympic Games. You can save your football, your golf, your motor sports, your tennis tourneys and all the rest. They're all well and good, I'm sure, but I'm just not interested.

That being said, the Olympics have hands-down stolen my heart. I'm captivated by the Opening Ceremonies, enthralled by the athletes tear-jerking bios (yes, the majority of them make me weepy-eyed), and engrossed by the multitude of competitions -- even the oddest of the odd. But prior to this, I was only familiar with the loopy ones known in the modern games. It was great researching prior and potential "sports" that have tried to make the roster. Hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it!

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