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Whether you're looking to reclaim past hoop glory or just get some exercise with friends, intramural basketball leagues are your key.


Basketball is a popular spectator sport, thanks to its action, scoring and displays of athleticism. But if you're not content to just watch from the stands, it's time to show off your smooth jumper and sweet hook shot in an intramural basketball league.

Intramural basketball allows amateur sports enthusiasts to get into the game at a level they're comfortable with. In many cases, you don't even need to form a team, unless you want to -- you can sign up as an individual and be placed on a team. There are many league options, depending on what kind of group or organization you want to join.

Most big city recreation departments have well-organized public leagues that offer different levels of play. Keep in mind, however, you'll probably need to form a team before signing up for a "rec league" [source: Georgia Sports League].

Another option is your local church team or league. Churches in smaller towns often have a team or two that plays other churches in the area. Large or mega-churches may even have complete leagues of their own. Church leagues typically allow participants to sign up as individuals and be placed with a team [source: Atlanta JCC].

Now that you've found your team and league and you've donned your sweatbands and throwback Larry Bird jersey, you're ready to play. But, let's say you take the court and begin swishing three-pointers while everyone else is struggling to make a layup. At the other end of the spectrum, perhaps everyone else is ultra-competitive while you just want to play some ball with friends in a low pressure environment. We can help there, too.

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