Revisionist History?

The first Death Star was destroyed in the Battle of Yavin and everyone aboard was lost. Though the Rebel Alliance official reports put the death toll at around a million Imperials, that estimate is based on intelligence about the minimum crew requirements to operate the Death Star. The Imperials tell a different story.

Imperial analysts claim that between 800 million to a billion people were lost in the "Yavin Massacre" This number is based on the flood of missing personnel reports filed in a period of 18 months after the Battle the Yavin. Imperial loyalists claim that the Alliance is intentionally down-playing the loss of life to distract from the fact that the destruction of the Death Star was an equally catastrophic loss of life as the destruction of Alderaan. The crew manifest of the Death Star was classified and destroyed with the station, so the truth may never be known.

Life on the Death Star

It takes more than a million people to operate the Death Star and there is room for over a billion people on board. There are always at least 1,161,293 Imperials stationed on the Death Star at any given time. The standard complement of personnel includes:

  • 265,675 Station crew
  • 52,276 gunners
  • 607,360 troops
  • 25,984 Stormtroopers
  • 42,782 ship support staff
  • 167,216 pilots and support crew

The station also carries:

  • 7,200 starfighters
  • 4 strike cruisers
  • 3,600 assault shuttles
  • 1,400 AT-ATs
  • 1,400 AT-STs
  • 1,860 drop ships.
  • a variable number of support, recon and assault droids

Tours on the Death Star last at least 180 days and usually much longer. Personnel are often in deep space without leave for months at a time, and since the location of the Death Star is always classified, contact with family or friends is strictly prohibited. This can make life on the Death Star very difficult. To ease the burden of this duty the station is outfitted with many civilian amenities. The general sector of each zone in the Death Star has a park, shopping centers and recreation areas that include restaurants, a cinema and fitness centers.