Soccer Variations to Play in Your Backyard
family playing soccer in yard

Your yard's a great place to play a soccer game, whether it's the classic version or a quirky variation.

David Sacks/Lifesize/Thinkstock

Soccer, or football, is the most popular sport in the world for good reason. If you can get a hold of a ball and a few players, you've got yourself a game. But let's be honest: Most of these pickup games aren't happening on manicured pitches under bright stadium lights. And why should they, when a lot of us have a perfectly acceptable field in our own backyard?

In the next few pages, we'll show you some soccer variations that can easily be adapted to your own yard. Some are a hybrid of soccer and another sport, some are designed for drills or to practice certain skills, and some are games that can be played solo. But all of them can be performed in a small, outdoor space no bigger than the average yard. So dribble the ball to the next page, where we'll try out our first soccer variation.