Show Off Your Knowledge of the Dunder Mifflin Gang with 'The Office' Quiz

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Show Off Your Knowledge of the Dunder Mifflin Gang with 'The Office' Quiz
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About This Quiz

Based on a British comedy of the same name, NBC's "The Office" won five Emmys in its nine-season run. And thanks to Netflix, the show's enjoying a modern renaissance as a new generation of viewers discovers the Dunder Mifflin team. No matter how your fandom started, we hope you enjoy our little quiz. It's not too long and not too hard. (That's what she said.)
You know all about the gang in Scranton. Which of these other cities had its own Dunder Mifflin branch?
Trenton, New Jersey
Springfield, Massachusetts
Nashua, New Hampshire
In "Lecture Circuit Part 2," Michael and Pam pay Nashua a surprise visit in the hopes of finding Holly up there.
Where does Angela shop when the clothes at the Gap Kids section look "too flashy?"
Old Navy
The American Girl Store
Due to her slight frame, Angela is occasionally "forced to go to the American Girl store and buy dresses for large colonial dolls."
According to Prison Mike, what's the worst thing about being incarcerated?
the dementors
Prison Mike said the worst thing was the dementors. "They were flying all over the place ... and they'd suck the soul out of your body and it hurt!" We can only assume that Michael Scott's ex-con persona did time in Azkaban. Poor guy.
learning prison slang
selecting a bandana


Originally, Rainn Wilson auditioned for Dwight Schrute and which other character?
Jim Halpert
Michael Scott
Wilson claims that his Michael Scott audition was "terrible." At least he got to do some improv with Steve Carell at the tryouts.
Ryan Howard
Who signed Meredith's cast? (And where was her cast located?)
Meredith suffers a fractured pelvis when Michael hits her with his car. She then asks Jim to sign the cast — and makes an awkward pass while she's at it. (Fun fact: John Krasinski, who played Jim, actually wrote his real name.)
Which of the following is NOT a Dundie Awards category?
heartburn award
In season two, Pam takes home the "whitest sneakers" trophy. In a later episode, we see poor old Toby clinch the "extreme repulsiveness" award.
whitest sneakers award
extreme repulsiveness award


Creed Bratton (who played a character with the same name) was a former member of which popular '60s rock group?
the Guess Who
the Grass Roots
IRL, Bratton played guitar for the Grass Roots — the band had big hits with "Let's Live for Today" and "Midnight Confessions." Bratton's TV character was also a former member of the group.
Sly and the Family Stone
When Phyllis gets to play Santa at an office Christmas party, how does Michael express his jealousy?
by throwing a snowball at her
by dumping a pile of coal on her desk
by dressing up as Jesus Christ
The two later make amends when Michael (sans blasphemous costume) sits on Phyllis' lap.
Jim finally proposes to Pam in season five. Where does he pop the question?
in the office
at a gas station
Not the most glamorous locale, but it worked out just fine. The station happened to be around halfway between Scranton and Pam's art school in NYC.
on a Scranton sidewalk


In the very last episode of the series, the police haul away one of these Dunder Mifflin alums. Who'd they nab?
Creed Bratton
He's printed fake IDs, taken drugs from the Taliban and he once came to work in a blood-stained dress shirt. So yeah, Creed probably had this coming.
Kevin Malone
Kelly Kapoor
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