Ultimate Guide to Coaching Youth Hockey

Youth Hockey Equipment

Some pieces of hockey equipment are fairly obvious, such as the puck and a player's skates and stick. However, other types of equipment may not be quite so noticeable.

Because hockey is a high-contact sport, players need to wear a lot of protective gear to prevent injuries. Your players will need shoulder pads, elbow pads and knee guards. To protect their heads, they'll wear helmets, as well as mouth and neck guards. Hockey players will wear gloves to keep their hands warm on the ice and to help grip the stick [source: Holden]. The goalie will have another glove, similar to a catcher's mitt in baseball, to help guard the goal.

Packing hockey equipment can be a challenge for players and parents simply because there's so much of it. Remind players that getting dressed and staying organized in the locker room will be easier if they pack the last things they put on at the bottom of their bag and pack the first things they put on at the top [source: Holden].

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