Ultimate Guide to Coaching Youth Hockey

Youth Hockey Drills

Have your team warm up with drills at the beginning of practice and before a competition. Many drills are catered to offensive or defensive play, while others encompass basic hockey skills that benefit all players.

To work on your players' passing and shooting skills, have the offensive players line up on one side of the rink and defensive players on the other. Have the two sides pass the puck back and forth before an offensive player takes a shot at the goal. Drills like this require players to pay close attention to one another, as well as work on their general hockey skills, including skating, controlling the puck, guarding the goal and working with the stick [source: Ice Hockey Systems].

Drills such as this are also a great way for the team to practice working together because the center, wings, defense and goalie are all involved in their respective roles. However, coaching different positions on the hockey team may require slightly different strategies. Keep reading to learn about coaching offense in youth hockey.