5 Tips for Coaching Pop Warner Cheerleading


Safety First!

Safety is one of the most important aspects of Pop Warner.
Safety is one of the most important aspects of Pop Warner.

A coach's first and foremost responsibility is to the safety of the cheer squad. Performing stunts can be dangerous if you don't take precautions.

It's a good idea to attain a Red Cross Certificate in Community CPR and First Aid. Pop Warner requires that a coach have this or its equivalent if there aren't any other medically trained adults present.

Some other things you can do as a coach include ensuring proper warm-up, stretching and cool down on days of practices and competitions. Make sure the area is clear of hazards and that no one is wearing baggy, untucked clothes or long hair that hasn't been put up. Don't work the cheer team in severely hot or cold conditions.

You should also make sure to use mats during practices. While your cheerleaders are learning their stunts, there are bound to be a few falls and tumbles. Hopefully, they'll perfect their routines by the time the cheerleaders are cheering on hard ground on the sidelines of a game. And that's a good reason why you'll definitely want to finish perfecting the routines in practice, which leads us to our next tip.