How to Start a Volleyball Club

Whether indoor or beach, volleyball is popular from coast to coast!
Whether indoor or beach, volleyball is popular from coast to coast!

Volleyball is the second most popular participation sport in the world, ranking just behind soccer. It has been described as a creative blend of other familiar sports like tennis, basketball, handball and baseball. However you describe it, volleyball is an Olympic favorite and probably has an enthusiastic following in a town near you.

Volleyball attracts a dedicated 800 million participants worldwide who play a minimum of once a week, with about 46 million players in the U.S. alone. That's not counting scores of fans content to sit on the sidelines and watch the excitement. From beach to indoor, grass and paralympic varieties, volleyball is a versatile sport that can be played by all ages and both genders. That makes it an equal opportunity, multi-generational activity appropriate for the whole family.

If you love the life lessons volleyball teaches and the friendships it inspires, you may be the perfect catalyst for the next, best volleyball club in your area.

Starting a volleyball club can be fun, but it can be hard work, too. Volleyball is a competitive sport, and the spirit of competition that can get players and their families all fired up and determined to win can also lead to occasional conflicts, like losing important players to competing teams and dealing with bruised or inflated egos.

When you've been bitten by the volleyball bug and want to start your own club, you have options for going it alone organizing casual competitions for fun, or joining a national organization like USA Volleyball that offers regional outreach services giving members an opportunity to participate in nationally recognized competitions.

On the next page, we'll discuss some important practical considerations you'll need to be aware of if beach volleyball is the sport for you. From recruitment to fundraising, getting the details right can make or break your club building efforts.