10 Fun Family Night Ideas


Movie Marathon Night

Pass the popcorn!
Pass the popcorn!

Set this up once and you've got a whole slew of family movie nights ready to roll. Here's how:

  • Create a theme. Is it Western flicks, spy movies, Alfred Hitchcock thrillers, classic musicals or family favorites? Create your tickets -- and a ticket booth -- to fit your theme.
  • Build a concession stand. A few pieces of cardboard, a handful of Monopoly money and you're ready to start the night right. "Sell" -- with the game dollars -- popcorn, boxed candy and sodas to your family members (many party supply stores now offer movie theater-style popcorn bags for just a few cents each).
  • Add some competition to the mix. Have a quick trivia game or history lesson about some aspects of the movie you'll be seeing. Superhero knowledge, facts about special effects, sketches of your favorite characters, these can all make for a fun intro to the flick that include a bit of education, too.
  • Play along. Have everyone chose a character and dress like he or she does in the film.