5 Challenging Math Games


Math Blaster

The Internet is loaded with games to make math more interesting to learn. Most are aimed at students, and their purpose is to convince kids that math doesn't have to be boring and difficult but can be challenging and fun. The games come in many levels that correspond to how much math the player has learned.

"Math Blaster" is one of the most popular versions. In this Web-based computer game, the player is a recruit at Blaster Academy. He or she designs an avatar, then heads off on missions, interacting with other characters in outer space.

Achieving the game's objectives requires knowing and using math concepts. The player builds credits that increase his or her powers in the game by solving math equations. The idea is that kids are too busy having fun and zapping aliens to notice that they are also engaged in math drills. They can move to increasing levels of difficulty, from kindergarten to sixth grade, as their math skills improve.

"Math Blaster," developed by Knowledge Adventure, Inc., is free, though a paid membership offers more advanced levels and access to other games.