10 Scrabble Strategy Tips


Play the Hot Spots

Playing the board's hot spots, or bonus squares, is perhaps the most important high-scoring strategy: Use it early and often. Examine the board before you ever lay a single tile so that you can identify the squares or areas that will offer bonuses.

The bonus tiles and corresponding colors (on most official Scrabble boards) are:

  • Triple-word score: Red
  • Double-word score: Pink
  • Triple-letter score: Dark blue
  • Double-letter score: Light blue

You'll want to play your tiles so that you gain as much as possible from these power squares, but that's only half the battle.

You'll also need to make a few defensive moves. Remain keenly aware of your tile placement so that you don't give a sharp-eyed opponent the advantage. Take care not to expose any triple-letter squares, or double- or triple-word squares, to your opponents -- or you'll make it easy for them to take a high-scoring ride on the coattails of your previous play. And take care not to play a word that begins or ends just a couple spaces away from a double- or triple-word space: Your opponent could add to your word and earn double or triple the points you initially received. [source: Hasbro].