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How to Play Bingo

Directory of Bingo Web Sites

The Internet is not only a great place to play bingo for fun or prizes -- it's also a great place to learn more about the game, buy paraphernalia and good-luck trinkets, and, of course, meet and chat with other bingo fans. Below, you will find some links to get you started in your online bingo trek. ( offers a variety of "live" bingo games that can be played in real-time with other Web surfers. Also offers "Planet Bingo Buck" sweepstakes, bingo marathons, and special tournaments for happy hour, lunch hour, and more, depending on the day of the week.

Bingo! @ WinnerOnline (  is an indispensable guide to everything you need to start playing bingo online. They post their own reviews as well as user reviews of dozens of sites, including free games and pay games. Find out the rules of online bingo, where you can find the biggest jackpots, and what free bingo game rates as the favorite of online players. If you have questions about online bingo, check out the message boards, where you can talk with other players.

Bingo Buddies ( is the home page for a fun bingo program you download to your computer. The object is to play against three computer "Bingo Buddies" and win virtual cash in different venues, starting with the Bingo Buddies Room. Through Bingo Buddies, it's possible to learn some of the basics of money management and odds. For example, while the Buddies play only one card each, you can play up to three cards, if you can afford it, giving you more chances to win. Once your bankroll gets fat enough, you can move on to Church Bingo and compete with up to 60 other players, then Cruise Ship Bingo, and, finally, Las Vegas Bingo.

Bingo Bugle (  is the online companion to the free monthly Bingo Bugle newspaper published in many areas of the United States and Canada. This site offers lots of fun links to click through, including Bingo News, Astrology (to figure out your lucky days, of course), the Aunt Bingo advice column, and even "Dream Lady," a column written by a dream interpreter. The Bingo Finder, which lists bingos all over North America, is an exceptionally handy feature. ( is a bingo search engine that provides some special features, including a Bingo Forum for discussions, and bingo stories and poetry. It also offers a wealth of casino information, and it allows users to submit a link to their own bingo-related sites.

Bingo! The Documentary ( This 90-minute, real-life, unrehearsed movie is about the hope, loyalty, and obsession that bingo inspires in people. The cast of off-the-wall characters, real bingo fans from Seattle, New York, Boston, Texas, England, Ireland, Scotland, and the Caribbean, inspired The Simpsons creator Matt Groening to call it "a surprisingly funny and touching documentary." Contains mature language. The collector's edition of the movie includes Bingo City, a short adventure comedy about two grandmothers who escape a New York City retirement home and hitchhike to Texas with dreams of hitting the high-stakes bingo jackpot.

CyberBingo (, established in 1996, claims to be "the Internet's largest online bingo hall." They have more than 300 daily bingo games and offer $10,000 and $15,000 jackpots every eight minutes, plus various other jackpots. You earn points with every bingo card you buy that can be used for chances to win cash or prizes in "Second Chance" bingo games.

Lycos Gamesville ( is a popular free site that features games such as three-eyed bingo (match the pattern on all three cards) and easy win coverall (a blackout-style game).

What Bingo? ( is a search engine for bingo information. The site includes updated bingo news from Yahoo! and 15 searchable categories of links, including Bingo Directories, Bingo Online, and Bingo Cruises. For each bingo link, Web surfers can click on a button and "Rate it!" from 1 to 10. The site also offers a lot of casino information, and it allows users to submit a link to their own bingo-related sites.

The general rules, safety guidelines, and various Web sites mentioned in this article should provide you with hours of free and challenging online bingo fun.