Quiz: Winnie the Pooh ... and Tigger, Too!

By: Alia Hoyt
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Quiz: Winnie the Pooh ... and Tigger, Too!
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Pooh and his band of friends in the Hundred Acre Wood remain beloved many decades after they were originally created. How much do you know about the books, animated shorts and the series in general?
How was the name "Winnie" chosen?
Author A.A. Milne's late wife was named Winnie.
The character was named for a bear in the London Zoo.
A black bear that Milne and his son, Christopher Robin, saw at the London Zoo was rescued from Winnipeg and dubbed "Winnie." Christopher Robin loved to visit her, inspiring the now-famous moniker.
Milne's daughter had an imaginary friend named Winnie.
In the debut story, what does Pooh do to create a disguise from the bees (whose honey Pooh hopes to steal)?
rolls around in mud
Pooh thought it would be a great plan to roll around in mud to disguise himself as a cloud, then hold onto a blue balloon and float high enough to pilfer the prized honey, or shall we say, hunny.
wraps himself in cotton
dresses up in a bee costume
True or false: Winnie the Pooh is a boy.
True. He sure sounded like a boy in the Disney cartoon.
The character was referred to as a "he" by Milne himself, so despite rumors to the contrary, Pooh is a boy bear.
False. Winnie is a girl's name, after all.
Who knows? Milne never spilled his beloved Pooh Bear's gender.


What sport inspired the name of the real-life Christopher Robin?
A.A. Milne said that he gave his son the double first name because he wanted him to be able to play cricket for England along the same vein as beloved players like C.B. Fry or W.G. Grace.
Which of the toys that inspired Pooh characters is not on display at the New York Public Library?
The beloved stuffed toys that inspired the books are all on display at the New York Public Library, with the exception of Roo, who was lost in an apple orchard sometime in the 1930s.
What's the most notable thing about Tigger?
He's a tiger.
He bounces.
"Bouncing is what Tiggers do best," is how Tigger puts it. By the way, he never refers to himself as a tiger, just a Tigger. And the book makes it clear that Tiggers don't climb trees.
He climbs trees effortlessly.


Why did Milne hesitate to hire E.H. Shepard to illustrate the books?
He was a Nazi sympathizer.
He was not from England, and he wanted the books to be authentically English.
He worked as a political cartoonist.
To convince colleague Milne that he was the right person for the job, Shepard strolled through Ashdown Forest, the inspiration for Hundred Acre Wood, and produced sketches so extraordinary that he quelled Milne's fears.
Which character was added by Walt Disney to the animated series?
Once Disney bought the rights to the story, the legend himself commissioned the addition of a character that regular Americans would identify with. Hence, the introduction of Gopher!
Which instrument was selected to represent the character of Owl?
French horn
The composer chose an instrument to identify and set the tone for each character. He chose baritone horn for Pooh, clarinet for Rabbit, flute for Kanga and French horn for Owl, among others.


What type of animal inspired the "Pooh" part of the famous name?
a swan
While on vacation, the Milne family happened upon a swan, which they dubbed "Pooh." Why? Well, Milne has said, "This is a very fine name for a swan, because, if you call him and he doesn't come (which is a thing swans are good at), then you can pretend that you were just saying 'Pooh!' to show him how little you wanted him."
a squirrel
a deer
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