Wonder Woman's Dirty Secrets

By: Dave Coustan

TV Shows and Cartoons

The classic Wonder Woman: Lynda Carter
The classic Wonder Woman: Lynda Carter
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Most pop culture fans have seen or at least heard of the '70s Wonder Woman television show starring Lynda Carter. For many, Lynda Carter is Wonder Woman. But that was not the first attempt to bring the character to the small screen.

  • In 1967, Greenway Productions developed a short pilot of a comedic Wonder Woman show along the lines of the popular live-action Batman, starring Ellie Wood Walker as the title character. It never went anywhere.
  • Cathy Lee Crosby starred as Wonder Woman in a now all-but-forgotten 1974 made-for-TV movie. Although the comic book had moved on, it featured the mod, 1960s Wonder Woman as opposed to the bold, super hero version Lynda Carter made popular a few years later.
  • Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman television show ran from 1976-1979. In its first season it was set at the time when the first Wonder Woman comics took place, in the early 1940s with World War II as a major theme. It was somewhat faithful to the comic book, but focused more on military missions and less on fantastic tales and mythology. Though it maintained good ratings, it was cancelled after the first season and then resurrected on a new network, CBS instead of ABC. The New Adventures of Wonder Woman, as it was called, was an action/adventure show that took place in the then-present day 1970s.
  • There have been various cartoons, from an appearance on The Brady Kids in 1972 to regular spots on Super Friends in the 1970s and '80s, and Justice League today.

What's next for Wonder Woman? Interviews with Joss Whedon suggested he wouldn't be staying faithful to the older comic books -- and his movie never really made off the ground. In 2011, NBC had its own set of troubles related to a pilot for a "Wonder Woman" series -- particularly, that fans didn't like the title heroine's costume. Later shots from the set revealed a slightly different look, but, in the end, the series wasn't picked up.