5 Baseball Leagues from Around the World


Amateur Baseball Federation of India

Perhaps it's not a powerhouse or even a professional league, but India's cricket-crazy culture hasn't dampened some sincere enthusiasm for America's pastime. The Amateur Baseball Federation of India may not be highly visible or extremely lucrative, but its members do take their baseball seriously.

The Federation was formed in 1983 by some baseball lovers around the nation. They held their first National Championship in 1985 and even had the idea (more progressive than the MLB) to include women's teams. The ABFI is also a member of the Baseball Federation of Asia and the International Baseball Federation. That means they can play in each federation's men's and women's World Cups and Championships.

The Indian league follows the National League and American League rules of the MLB quite strictly, and at least 27 regions have a team playing in the Federation. Baseball has even been introduced in the National School Games of India, popularizing it among young Indians.