10 TV Medical Conditions That Are Rare in Real Life

In real life, some medical diagnoses are very rare. But who wants to watch a show about a case of chicken pox?
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If you want to take a tour of the world's least common -- but most familiar -- medical conditions, all you need to do is spend an evening channel surfing. You'll meet a person with post-traumatic amnesia. Someone with multiple personalities. A man with a life-threatening allergic reaction to onions. If a patient comes in with a more mundane ear infection or an ingrown toenail, it's either played for laughs, or the doctors are about to uncover a hidden and far more fascinating problem.

While more dramatic conditions may make for good TV, they don't often happen in real life. And the same goes for doctors' heroic actions that are compelling on screen but would never work in a real hospital. Here are 10 conditions we thought were contrived, listed in no particular order.