10 Creepy TV Show Fan Theories

The Fresh Prince Is Dead
Will Smith (left) starred in 'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.' But was he really living in California -- or in Heaven? Maybe he'll bump into Max and Ruby. Barry King/WireImage/Getty Images

If you're starting to notice a trend, you're a pretty sharp tack. People are dead and dying all over the place in these fan theories! The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air ran from 1990 to 1996, with each episode kicked off by a rap detailing how a boy from the mean streets of Philly wound up in a posh mansion in Bel-Air. Specifically, his mom shipped him off to live with family following a run-in with a well-known thug.

According to a widely spread fan theory, the character of Will Smith (played by actor Will Smith) was actually killed during the altercation described in the opening sequence. So when he hops a plane to California and jumps in a cab, he's actually embarking on an otherworldly journey. (God is the cabdriver). Fans insist this is also why we rarely see Will's parents, explaining away their sporadic appearances as visits to the teen's grave. Morbid? Yes. True? I sure hope not ... although it would explain that appearance by Boys II Men as a performance by Heaven's choir of angels. Those guys harmonize just a little bit too well for that to be a coincidence.