10 Creepy TV Show Fan Theories

Max and Ruby Are Dead
Author Rosemary Wells showed her book 'Max and Ruby at the Warthog's Wedding' at the 2014 BookExpo America. Some 'experts' believe Max and Ruby are living in Bunny Heaven, which is why you never see their parents. © Lynn Goldsmith/Corbis

If you don't know who Max and Ruby are you probably don't keep regular company with young children. Anyone who has endured more than a couple episodes of this Nickelodeon show about two young bunnies has noticed one very prominent characteristic: Their parents are nowhere to be found. You see pictures of them on the walls and occasionally Grandma or a neighbor (probably Child Services in disguise) pops in, but that's about it. This leaves the bossy older sister and her toddler brother to cook for themselves, throw their own birthday parties and take the bus crosstown to the shopping mall, something I won't even do now and I'm 36 years old.

Other viewers were as puzzled as I about this obvious neglect, and put together a disturbing theory. Apparently, it's not uncommon for female rabbits to absorb their unborn babies, or "kits." So perhaps Max and Ruby were absorbed by their mother before birth; therefore they are dead and the show depicts their "lives" in the Bunny Hereafter. (Grandma's passed on too, so that's why she's sometimes shown) [source: Farrier].

Although I would like to be able to put this nagging issue to bed for weary parents, I doubt that Rosemary Wells, who authored the successful series of books on which the series is based, ever envisioned her characters as being a fuzzy version of the walking dead. It's far more likely that she didn't want to muddle the storyline with too many characters and instead let Ruby be the bossy-pants bunny she was destined to be.