10 Creepy TV Show Fan Theories

Charlie Brown Has Cancer
The obvious reason Charlie Brown has no hair is because he has cancer, according to fan theorists. Fotos International/Courtesy of Getty Images

"Peanuts'"Charlie Brown was drawn by Charles Schulz to be a representative of the imperfections of everyday human life. He has troubles, insecurities and puts up with some pretty rotten friends and neighbors who give him rocks when he's trick-or-treating. Seriously, who does that to a little kid?

Anyway, one fan theory abounds that poor Chuck's perpetually hairless, down-and-out state has more to do with cancer than self-esteem or bad luck. In fact, theorists go so far as to say that our lovable protagonist is merely dreaming up his experiences from the confines of his sickbed, rather than experiencing them firsthand [source: Temple]. So, is there any truth to this depressing idea? The legendary cartoonist Schulz has since gone to the Great Pumpkin Patch in the sky, so we'll never know for sure, but my guess is an emphatic 'no,' seeing as how lovingly he portrayed Charlie as the "hero" figure, despite his obvious shortcomings. After all, even Charlie eventually managed to kick that pesky football, so there's definitely room for a little positivity.