The Myths And Facts Behind Marilyn Manson

By: Telisa Carter

Marilyn Manson. The man, the myth, the legend; Often imitated, never duplicated. Of all controversial celebrities, Marilyn Manson has had not only probably the most myths circulated about him but also the must outrageous. At 46 years old Manson has lived through the time when people were too sensitive to his music and themes and are now numb to it and has always been true to himself while others create stories about him. At this point the legend is much bigger than the man and it is about time someone cleared up exactly what he has done and most importantly what he has not.


6. Fact

His name is actually Brian Hugh Warner. He formed his stage name using two well known American cultural icons, Marilyn Monroe and Charles Manson. Source: Stereogum


5. Myth: Music Influenced Columbine Shooting

This is a big one. Manson’s music was wrongly blamed as a factor behind the tragic 1999 Columbine High School shooting. After the tragedy many turned to “violence in music” and the fact the two shooters apparently listened to Marilyn Manson as a reason for why they committed the massacre. As we are all aware, there is a lot more going on with people who commit acts like these than just the type of music they listen to, Marilyn Manson was the scapegoat for a scared, sad, and angry town.


4. Myth: He Injected Heroin Into His Eye

One of Manson’s signature looks is his two different colored eyes. Of course there have been many explanations for why he looks this way, one of them being he injected heroin directly into his eyeball. No, that didn’t happen. There was also a rumor that he had the pigment removed so that he could see in black and white and since that isn’t how eyes work, that’s not true either.

Fact: Manson has admitted to doing drugs but also a fact — it’s just a contact.


(Photo by John Rogers/Getty Images) Source: Fanpop

3. Myth: He Had Ribs Removed

Probably the most widely circulated rumor about any celebrity anywhere. Many truly believed that Manson is a big enough weirdo to have undergone surgery to have at least three of his ribs removed in order to perform oral sex on himself. No, that didn’t happen either.

Fact: He did have a surgery but that was to fix his drooping ear lobes.


2nd Fact: He was dating Rose McGowan at the time, he had no need to do it to himself anyway. Source: NY Daily News


2. Myth: He Was An 80’s Sitcom Star

Due to his heavy makeup, many do not know what he looks like for real, so of course rumors started that he acted as Paul Pfeiffer on The Wonder Years. That actor was actually Josh Saviano. He was then rumored to have been Kevin Owens from Mr. Belvedere but that was actor Rob Stone.

Fact: Manson does act. His film debut was in David Lynch’s Lost Highway in 1997 and most recently appeared on FX’s hit series Sons of Anarchy.

Advertisement Source: Hypster

1. Myth: He Murders Innocent Animals

Again, Manson is accused of some pretty horrific stuff and this one is pretty disturbing. A story circulated that Manson once threw a puppy into a jacked up crowd which then tore the animal to pieces. On the same note, word is Manson once bit the head off a live chicken while on stage Ozzy Osborne style.

Fact: Marilyn Manson has three dogs of his own, loves them very much and they all lived to tell the tale.


Fact: A chicken was on the stage in Dallas in 1995 and it DID get tossed into the crowd but it also lived and no one bit it. Source: Upcoming Concerts