5 Mind-blowing Backyard Playsets

Themed Sets
This Ghostbusters playset was custom designed by Lilliput Play Homes. It's OK if you want one. We do, too. Photo courtesy Lilliput Play Homes

A mind-blowing playset might include insane features, but it doesn't have to depend on them to be unique. As we saw with Duffy's Diner, sometimes a good theme will transform a tired old yawn of a playhouse into cutting-edge kid's toy.

Take, for instance, the ship theme. What could be a run-of-the-mill setup is now a yacht. That's right: The next time your kid runs into Jay-Z at an event, they can both commiserate about how hard it is to keep the deck dry.

While ships are a pretty popular choice for backyard playsets, don't overlook the value of a fire station (starting at $5,800, as of publication). Lest they get too comfortable playing pretend, toss in this building "on fire" (starting at $4,900), and now the kids get a lesson in being vigilant about fire safety.

But the ultimate cool theme award (and possibly the ultimate cool parent award) might have to go to the Ghostbusters station replica. The miniature set reportedly included a ghost containment chamber, which is a fact I can't verify because ghosts aren't real.