10 Everyday Backyard Hazards and How to Fix Them


Critter Jitters

If you have persistent infestations of stinging insects or other pests, you might want to consult a pro and address what's attracting them to your yard. ©iStockphoto/Thinkstock
If you have persistent infestations of stinging insects or other pests, you might want to consult a pro and address what's attracting them to your yard. ŠiStockphoto/Thinkstock

Your backyard might be a nice place for your family to relax, but it's also probably a home to all sorts of wildlife. In some geographical areas, insects and snakes are a spine-tingling danger that can result in a hospital stay or abrupt death.

Allergic reactions to stings and bites are common. For people who are really sensitive, a severe reaction can be difficult to counter alone. If someone in your home has known allergies, be sure to have a plan of action in place, such as understanding where an epinephrine injector pen is located at all times. And if someone is allergic, clear your yard of foliage that attracts stinging creatures.

The same goes for other critters. If venomous insects, spiders or snakes love your yard, figure out why. By altering the habitat just slightly, you may be able to drive off these creatures without having to kill them using chemicals and traps.

If you can't get a handle on poisonous critters in your yard, don't hesitate to call in a professional. A pro can help you understand the causes behind the problem and offer long-term strategies for reclaiming your property.

Your backyard is supposed to be a safe and fun environment. With just a bit a planning and thought, you can reduce or eliminate some of the most common hazards, lessen worry and get more joy out of your outside time.

Author's Note: 10 Everyday Backyard Hazards and How to Fix Them

There's no need to sensationalize backyard hazards. The potentially horrifying effects of routine yard work and leisure time should be enough to keep any sensible person aware of their surroundings at all times. If you really need an example, perform an Internet search for Ireland Nugent. In 2013, two-year-old Ireland was accidentally run over by a riding lawnmower and lost both of her feet. Her parents were anything but reckless, but the accident still happened, showing just how quickly mundane chores can turn into awful reminders of just how delicate we humans really are.

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