How Stone Lithography Works

Inking the Stone

The next step is to move the stone to the press and ink it for the first time.

The stone moves onto the press.

The ink is thick enough that you need a spatula to apply it.

Loading up the ink roller with ink

Toby applies water to the stone and has to work very quickly at this point. The water will dissolve the gum arabic and reactivate the acid, so he must get the water off as soon as possible.

Wiping off the water with a sponge: The non-inked parts of the stone remain moist.

Preparing to ink

Photos courtesy Toby Michel
Applying ink for the first time: Toby will spend 30 to 45 minutes on the first inking. It is very light so that he doesn't fill in the image.

According to Toby, you would never pull a proof at this point. He will re-etch it and let it sit overnight.