7 Dead Celebrities Who Are Rumored To Be Alive

By: Cate Willikers
A memorial tombstone for Princess Diana
Sometimes, it's hard to believe that your favorite celebrity is dead. Walter Bibikow / Getty Images

Some celebrities are just so beloved that many people can’t handle it when they die. Diehard fans claim to see these celebrities out and about even though their deaths and funerals were well publicized. Others have claimed that these celebrities staged their deaths because they wanted out of the spotlight. It’s probably safe to say that some people just can’t let go and the rest of us love a good conspiracy theory. Even though some people claim that these 7 dead celebrities are still alive, we think that they are really dead and won’t be coming back anytime soon.


7. Jim Morrison

There has always been a lot of mystery surrounding Jim Morrison’s death. He died back in 1971 at the age of 21 in a bathtub in Paris. No autopsy was ever performed, which has left many questions about how he actually died. His girlfriend at the time, Pamela Courson, believes that he died of a heroin overdose after he unintentionally inhaled the substance believing it to be cocaine while Marianne Faithfull alleges that her drug dealer boyfriend Jean de Breiteuil killed him.

There are others, however, who believe that front man for The Doors never actually died. These conspiracy theories allege that he faked his own death to avoid fame. Ray Manzarek, the funding member and keyboardist, has said that Morrison could have paid his doctor to forge his death certificate. “[T]here were a lot of strange circumstances around his death. And the whole thing with never seeing his body. I never saw Jim Morrsion dead,” Manzarek said.


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6. Michael Jackson

Since Michael Jackson’s death back in 2009, there have been a number of conspiracy theories that have emerged. One of the most popular theories is that the former king of pop faked his own death to escape his crushing debt and mounting legal problems. Back in August 2009, TMZ posted a video of Jackson exiting a coroner’s van with the message, “I checked the license plate number and it looks like the King of Pop is jumping out of the same van his dead body has been in. I got the original videotape from a trustworthy source. I know him for years. And I am sure it’s real and Michael is alive.”

While there initially may have been a lot of questions about his autopsy, a lot of it has since been resolved. His personal physician, Conrad Murray, has since been charged with manslaughter, and his family is raising his three children. Something tells us that Jackson really is dead.


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5. Andy Kaufman

Andy Kaufman had a reputation for being completely unpredictable and for perpetrating numerous hoaxes throughout his career. Long before he died from lung cancer, he had allegedly talked about faking his own death. He reportedly claimed that if he were to pull the stunt, he would appear 20 years later. In January 1984, he announced that he had lung cancer; however, no one believed him because he was known for being a prankster. When he died four months later, some people were still skeptical. When he didn’t resurface 20-years after his death, it was clear that he really did die back in 1984.

One of Kaufman’s friends, Bob Zmuda, doesn’t believe that he’s really dead and that he will be making a comeback soon; however, the comedian’s longtime manager, George Shapiro, begs to differ. “Andy’s very much alive in our hearts, but I don’t think his body is around,” he told CNN. “He died. I was in the hospital.”


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4. Kurt Cobain

There are so many conspiracy theories out there about Kurt Cobain’s death. There are many who don’t believe that he committed suicide. Some have argued that he had too much heroin in his system to effectively use a gun that day and there are others who think that Courtney Love is the one who killed him because he was planning on leaving her. As if those conspiracy theories aren’t enough there is another one floating around about Cobain still being alive. There are people out there that actually think that he never died. According to them, he faked his own death to get out of the music business and to get away from Love.

We think all of the rumors out there about Cobain still being alive are just that – rumors. He has some pretty devout fans and some of them just can’t let go of the fact that he’s gone.


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3. Princess Diana

Princess Diana’s death in 1997 took the world by surprise. Because of this, there are a number of conspiracy theories about her death. Some believe that a member of the British military murdered her. Others believe that she was pregnant when she died with Dodi Fayed’s child and the two were about to get engaged. One conclusion regarding this theory was that the royal family ordered Diana’s death because they didn’t want her to marry a non-Christian. There are still some others who are convinced that the princess never actually died in the car crash.

Several years ago, the Grassy Knoll Institute posted a picture of Diana in a wheelchair and stated that she had survived the car accident. They suggested that she had faked her own death to end her relationship with Prince Charles and the entire royal family. There are some who think that she even attended Prince William Kate Middleton’s wedding ceremony. We think this all sounds a bit far fetched.


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2. Tupac Shakur

Tupac Shakur has been dead for almost 20 years; however, there are people out there who strongly believe that he is still alive. One of the reasons for this would be the nature of his murder. The people who shot him have never been found and even Suge Knight, who was in the car with him that fateful night, has said that he thinks his friend is probably still alive. “Why you think nobody been arrested if they said they the one that killed Tupac?” he told TMZ. “Because Tupac not dead. If he was dead, they’d be arresting those dudes for murder. You know he’s somewhere smoking a Cuban cigar on an island.”

Another reason that fans might think that Tupac is still alive is because he has continued to release music after his death. Eight of his records have been released posthumously, which is a lot more than he ever released when he was alive.


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1. Elvis Presley

Even though Elvis Presley died back in 1977 because of a medication overdose, many of his devout fans don’t believe that he’s really dead. There are a few reasons for this. There were some pictures taken of his body in its casket, which didn’t look at all like the king of rock n’ roll. Because of this, some fans believed that it wasn’t his body in the casket, but a wax dummy. Some say that Presley isn’t actually dead because his middle name is misspelled on his gravestone. Others believe he is alive because an insurance policy he took out with Lloyds was never cashed. Then there are all of the alleged sightings of him.

All of this has convinced some fans that Presley faked his own death. One reason he may have done this was because he had given testimony against Mafia-connected parties. Others argue that he wanted to retire. His voice was getting weaker and he wasn’t looking like his young hot self anymore. We think he’s really dead.


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