10 Science Toys Kids Will Love

Ant Farm
While the vintage ant farm requires upkeep and maintenance, modern ant farms use clear gel that doubles as ant housing material and food source. CSA Images/Color Printstock Collection/Getty Images

Ants are more than a no-hassle pet -- they provide kids with an opportunity to safely interact with animals and to understand and observe as entire ecosystem. Traditional models use just ants and dirt, which mean your child -- or you -- will have to keep up with adding food. For a more hassle-free ant farm, check out Antworks. These farms use special gel developed by NASA, which the agency used when sending ants into space in 2006. The clear gel adds visual flair to ant farms, but also serves as a source of nourishment for the ants, so there's no need to add food. Other specialty models use colored sand, or incorporate special features like "skate parks," ramps, rock walls and other cool elements for the ants to explore.