Top 10 Mad Scientist Fails

Dr. Jacob Freudstein
The doctor's bedside manner is somewhat lacking. THE HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY: ©1981 Fulvia Film S.r.l. All Rights Reserved.

Victorian surgeon Dr. Jacob Freudstein wanted what everyone wants: to live forever on a steady diet of human blood and pilfered body parts. Unfortunately, his research contained disastrous errors, in time reducing the once brilliant physician to a ghastly state of living putrefaction.

Visit the doctor's house by the cemetery today, and you'll find quite a horror show in the basement laboratory. Some 180 years after the end of his natural life, Freudstein's body exists in a state of living necrosis. Maggots writhe through his flesh. His eyes and mouth have atrophied and even his once gifted mind is just a lump of putrid jelly. Reduced to squatting in a basement, Freudstein now butchers innocent victims in order to continue his ghoulish mockery of life.

The lesson: Mad scientists, think long and hard about your research objectives and for goodness' sake submit your papers for peer review before you experiment on yourself. Nobody likes to see their work torn apart in a scientific journal, but no one wants worms for blood either.

Further study: If your taste in cinema runs red with Italian horror, then you'll find Dr. Freudstein in Lucio Fulci's 1981 film "The House by the Cemetery."