Top 10 Mad Scientist Fails

Dr. Anton Arcane
A deformed, resurrected Arcane wrestles Swamp Thing. Image courtesy DC Entertainment

When it comes to mad science fails, Dr. Anton Arcane is the absolute worst.

Expelled from medical school on a host of ghastly charges, Arcane continued his depraved experiments in the trenches of World War I, where he served as the worst army medic of all time. Unsurprisingly, he also befriended Adolf Hitler.

Two world wars and countless sadistic experiments later, Arcane was living the life. He'd achieved near-immortality, created a loyal army of monstrous Un-Men and plotted global mischief from his castle laboratory -- and that's when he first crossed Swamp Thing.

Yes, for all his depraved genius, Arcane couldn't resist the lure of super villainy. Oh, and a normal superhero wasn't enough either. No, Arcane had to mess with an actual Earth elemental. All his twisted endeavors soon took a backseat to his feud with Swamp Thing. The deranged grudge resulted not only in the end of Arcane's natural life, but it also robbed him of his unnatural, reanimated life on two separate occasions.

Ever since meeting Swamp Thing, Arcane has spent the remainder of his mad science career in and out of Hell. Yes, actual Hell. Here, the once-brilliant scientist endures eternal torment and occasional low-level employment.

The lesson: Again, think long and hard about your immortality schemes, and never tangle with a superhero. An arch nemesis can provide quite an ego boost, but petty quests for revenge suck up valuable research time.

Further study: Immerse yourself in DC Comics' horror-laden "Swamp Thing" series, especially Alan Moore's psychedelic run on the series. Failing that, you have two feature films and two TV series at your disposal.

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