10 Most Spectacular Lottery Burnouts

Callie Rogers Returned to Work as a Maid
It must be hard to work as a maid after winning $3 million. Digital Vision/Photodisc/Thinkstock

In 2003, Callie Rogers was 16, living with foster parents in the U.K. and working as a shop clerk earning £3.60 an hour ($5.83 U.S.). And then she bought a lottery ticket.

Rogers won a whopping £1.9 million ($3 million U.S.) in the National Lottery and, despite early insistence that she would continue to live frugally, bought four large homes, several new cars and had two breast augmentations.

The suddenly wealthy teenager also developed a penchant for sharing her windfall with others. She purchased expensive gifts for a series of boyfriends. She even bought one boyfriend a car and paid him to act as her chauffer because at 16, she was too young to drive. It was another habit, however, that really led to Rogers financial ruin: cocaine. She estimates spending a quarter of a million pounds on the drug.

After the dust settled, Rogers was left with little to show for her riches. She sold the homes she owned, divested the new cars and rented a modest townhouse, saving the seemingly paltry £40,000 ($64,000 U.S.) that remained of her winnings while picking up work as a maid. However, in April 2012, low on funds, pregnant with twins and with a new loving boyfriend at her side, Rogers said, "For the first time I feel like I have everything I need" [source: Dagnell, Hough]. Sadly, one of the twins died shortly after birth [source: Atkinson].