10 Crazy Examples of Horrible Movie Science


'Independence Day'

July 1st: The good old days.
July 1st: The good old days.

In "Independence Day," Jeff Goldblum cracks his nerdtastic knuckles and hits the computer triple-time. As his feverishly fast keyboard clicking efforts start to slow, we rejoice to hear he has cooked up a little string of alien-compatible code that, once delivered, is going to help put the invading mother ship straight out of commission.

So what's a ballpark percentage of the likelihood of all this? We'd say 0, but that might be tilting the odds a little too much in ol' Jeff's favor. Not even the most genius of geniuses could magically write computer code that's compatible with an entirely alien IT system. The gulf is wider than Mac vs. PC.

And if you thought the meshing of human and alien computer technology was awkward and unlikely, continue for an even more intimate and unseemly meld.