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The Top 30 Songs of Elvis Presley

Top Songs of Elvis Presley, 21-30

Here is our final set of Elvis Presley's top 30 songs, starting with "She's Not You."

21. "She's Not You" (1962)

A beautiful ballad that Elvis sang with deep conviction, this song has the power to move and inspire.


22. "Return to Sender" (1962)

Not intended for a movie soundtrack, "Return to Sender" was so well received following its October 2, 1962, release that it soon found its way into Girls! Girls! Girls!. Elvis sings with great intensity and enthusiasm, making for a very catchy three minutes.

23. "(You're the) Devil in Disguise" (1963)

After venturing into lightweight pop tunes, Elvis returned to his rock 'n' roll roots with this one -- giving an intense, emotional performance.

24. "Wooden Heart" (1964)

Directly inspired by Elvis's army stint in Germany, this tune was adapted from a German children's song and was featured in Elvis's first post-army movie, G.I. Blues.

25. "Crying in the Chapel" (1965)

Elvis was passionate about singing gospel, and in 1960 he got the opportunity to record an entire gospel album. "Crying in the Chapel" was recorded during that session but would not be released for another five years. A huge hit, it was definitely worth the wait.

26. "In the Ghetto" (1969)

After a four-year drought without a number-one hit, Elvis was back with "In the Ghetto," his most socially responsible song. The haunting lyrics come together with Elvis's passionate expression to create an experience that will move the coldest of hearts.

27. "Suspicious Minds" (1969)

Released on August 26, 1969, this song has a similar feel to "In the Ghetto," which was recorded during the same session in Memphis. Both songs highlighted the now well-established maturity and emotional control that Elvis brought to his work.

28. "The Wonder of You" (1970)

By April 1970, Elvis was performing in Las Vegas, and "The Wonder of You" was the first hit to emerge from that phase of his career. After 14 years of number ones, he continued to push his vocal range, revealing new facets of his amazing gift.

29. "Burning Love" (1972)

"Burning Love" emerged during a very difficult period in Elvis's life. He lacked motivation, and his producer had to work hard to get him to record it. When he did record, he put the full measure of his angst into his music.

30. "Way Down" (1977)

Just a few months before he died, Elvis dragged himself into the studio for what would prove to be his final recording session. When the King died, this song was climbing the charts. His tragic death undoubtedly gave it a boost.


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