The Stories Behind 29 U2 Songs


Please (1997)

"Please" appeared on Pop, the band's most experimental and dance-oriented album to date, which band members agree needed a few more weeks to really polish it. "Please" is a song about terrorism and the troubles in Northern Ireland, but the song and its prophetic lyrics ("September, streets capsizing . . . /Shards of glass, splinters like rain . . .") took on new meaning following 9/11.

In recordings from the Popmart tour, Bono pours out his heart and soul, crying out "please, please," almost desperate, begging. But then, just as your heart starts to break for him, you hear the ping of Larry's drumstick against the cymbal as "Streets" takes off. It's like a security blanket or the voice of an old friend, and with the reassuring sounds of an old favorite, fans know all will be okay.