How to Teach Kids to Golf

Teaching Kids Golf Etiquette

When it comes to golf, proper etiquette is just as important as playing by the rules. In fact, many people consider golf etiquette another set of unofficial rules. You won't find these points of etiquette in a rulebook, but people are expected to follow them just the same. Some are common sense and others were created to help keep the game moving. The more you play with your kids, the more opportunities you'll have to make sure they understand proper etiquette. Just like the rules, it's a good idea to start with the easy stuff and build on that.

Start with the etiquette put in place to keep players safe -- for example, you should never swing a club near anyone else. Getting hit by a golf club could really hurt someone. Similarly, you never want to hit your ball while someone is standing in its path. Golf balls may seem small and harmless, but they can do quite a bit of damage. These ideas are pretty straightforward and most children don't have much trouble with them. Just make sure not to get lazy about enforcing them -- if you do, your kids are likely to get lazy about following them. Another important rule of golf etiquette is yelling, "Fore!" if you hit a wild shot that looks like it may hit another group of people [source: Kids Good Manners]. Obviously, you want to give them an opportunity to protect themselves.

Aside from fostering safety, etiquette also dictates that you maintain a good pace when playing golf. This means not spending too much time looking for lost balls and being prepared when it's your turn to hit. Don't take too many practice swings, and if you find that the group behind you is constantly waiting, let them play through [source: PGA]. Also, be sure to keep the course in good shape. If you take a big chunk of grass, known as a divot, out of the ground when you swing, put it back, and always rake a sand trap after you hit out of it [sources: Kids Good Manners, PGA].

The majority of golf etiquette really is common sense. Don't be rude, don't ruin the game for others, and do your best to leave the course the way you found it. Keep reading to find out more about the benefits of teaching your children to golf.