How to Teach Kids to Golf

Teaching Kids the Rules of Golf

When you first start playing golf with your kids you'll probably do more chasing them around the clubhouse than you will hitting golf balls. But after they're acclimated to the course and the game, you'll want to start focusing on the rules and techniques of golf. You don't have to teach them everything in one day -- start with the easy stuff and you'll have a good foundation to build on.

A good place to start is with score keeping. There's no reason this can't be fun. In fact, why not take them to a mini-golf course? Whether you're teeing off on a 300 yard (273.42 m) par four or trying to put a ball through a windmill, the rules of score keeping remain the same: Get the ball in the hole with the least amount of shots possible. Have your child count out loud after each stroke -- most kids will find this concept easy to grasp, and as long as you make it fun, they'll be excited at the idea of achieving a lower score [source: Golden].

When your kids are starting out, it's OK to let them move the ball if it has a bad lie. Making them hit out of the rough or on the side of a hill could be incredibly frustrating, and in the end it may make them lose interest. Instead, let them prop the ball on some grass or move it out of a sand trap. When they really start to get the hang of it, introduce the idea of not moving the ball. After all, it's up to you to play the ball where it lies, making this an important rule that depends heavily on the honor system [source: BBC]. For the most part, the other players won't always be watching closely enough to keep you honest.

Once your kids have a good understanding of these concepts, you can start to introduce rules like how and when you're allowed to drop a ball. You'll also need to teach your kids proper golf etiquette. Keep reading to learn what that means.