Ultimate Guide to Coaching Youth Track and Field

Youth Track and Field Coaching Tips

Many good youth coaching philosophies apply to a variety of sports, including track and field. As a youth coach, your goal is to teach young athletes how to compete, how to enjoy themselves and how to analyze and improve their performance.

When you're able, work out with your athletes. You may not be able to clear as many hurdles as you once could, but going for a jog with the team will make you approachable and reinforce your knowledge of the sport to your athletes.

After a meet, talk with athletes about their performance -- ask them what worked well and what didn't. Listen to their answers, and guide them in figuring out what they'd like to improve and how they can achieve their goals. It may be tempting to lay out strategies for your athletes, but helping them come up with ideas on their own will increase their confidence and their understanding of the events.

Also, be sure to introduce yourself to the opposing coach at the beginning of a meet to show good sportsmanship. When your athletes see this, it will demonstrate the importance of respecting their opponents [source: Positive Coaching Alliance].

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