Ultimate Guide to Coaching Youth Soccer

Youth Soccer Drills

Drills are a great way to teach and practice the basic skills of soccer. In youth soccer, practice should be fun and informative, so switching up drills to keep things interesting is the best way to hold your athletes' attention and ensure that practices are enjoyable.

Fun drills like "musical cones" help with skills and keep the energy up at practice. A variation on musical chairs, this drill works on ball control and dribbling skills by practicing both dribbling in place and dribbling while running. Each player has to dribble in place until the music stops, and then the players must dribble while sprinting to a cone, where only one player can end up [source: We Play]. The light competition and fun nature of the drill makes working on a basic skill enjoyable.

To work on passing, keep the drills simple until the players improve their ball control. A simple pinball drill, which involves a passing rotation in a circle, involves the whole team and is easy for beginners but also useful for experienced players [source: We Play]. For very young players, drills like "hit the coach" keep things light and fun. In this drill, players work on the accuracy of their shooting by kicking the soccer ball toward you as you run around the field and dodge balls [source: We Play]. While these are just a few examples of drills you can try, there are many others out there that you can modify to fit your team's needs. Just remember to keep it fun and focus on the fundamentals.

Keep reading to learn how to develop an offensive strategy and teach the kids how to get the ball down the field to score.

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