5 Tips for Coaching Pop Warner Flag Football


Keep It Fun

Pop Warner flag football should be fun. Little kids love nothing more than playing, so let them play! Coaches should try to make everything into a game, even when kids are learning the fundamentals. Here are some fun drills that feel more like games to young athletes, courtesy of the Coach Flag Football Web site:

  • Sharks vs. Minnows -- This is a great game for practicing defense and running offense. Designate an area on the field big enough for the whole team to run around in. Assign one person to be the "shark" and the rest to be "minnows." The shark must pull as many flags from the minnows as possible. Once a minnow loses a flag, he becomes a shark and starts chasing minnows. Play until all minnows become sharks.
  • Bull in the Ring -- Form a circle with all players an arm's length apart. Pick one player to be the "bull." Call a second player to enter the ring as the "matador." The bull's job is to corner the matador and grab one of his flags. It's another way to practice flag-grabbing and avoidance.
  • Balloon Toss -- This is a great way to finish a hot summertime practice. Fill a bunch of water balloons and hand them to assistants or parents there to pick up their kids. The object of the game is to be the last one hit with a water balloon. After everyone gets wet, let it become a free-for-all.

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A Parent's Guide to Coaching Pop Warner Football

A Parent's Guide to Coaching Pop Warner Football

This parent's guide to coaching Pop Warner football explains it all. Visit TLC Family to find a parent's guide to coaching Pop Warner football.