5 Tips for Coaching Pop Warner Flag Football


Be Prepared

Kids have notoriously short attention spans. The younger the athletes, the more organization required to maintain their attention and focus their energy on the task at hand [source: Y-Coach]. The best way to run a successful Pop Warner flag football practice is to come fully prepared.

Draw up a list of games, drills and activities that you want to accomplish during the practice. Plan each activity to last no more than five minutes. Make sure to include the equipment required for each activity (balls, flags, cones and blindfolds). Carry a stopwatch with an alarm to help you stay on schedule.

Show up 15 minutes early to practice and set up as many activities as possible. Consider recruiting one or more parents to be your assistants. As you move through the practice, they can always be one step ahead of you setting up the next drill. If there's too much lag time between activities, the kids will get distracted and you'll waste time and energy getting them back on course.

When you're planning your practice routine, don't let it become too routine. Mix things up, keep it age appropriate, and most of all, keep it simple.