5 Tips for Coaching Pop Warner Cheerleading


Complete Paperwork and Other Requirements

Pop Warner requires that each cheerleading coach get trained in one of the organization's coaching clinics. Here, the trainers will go over pointers on planning, conditioning and equipment. And, of course, the clinic will also cover methods for instruction of techniques, including stunts and pyramids.

Paperwork may not be the most fun part of a cheerleading coach's job, but it's certainly essential. Pop Warner has several forms and sheets that a coach has to stay on top of.

Primarily, coaches need to make sure the cheer team members are registered and certified to be on the squad roster. This will mean securing a form of parental permission and a form from a doctor's office verifying a recent physical exam. You'll also need proof of age and a photo ID, as well as a valid report card verifying that the participant is maintaining a 2.0 or 70 percent average in school.

Finally, a coach needs to complete a background check to qualify to be a coach under Pop Warner's guidelines.