Top 5 Pop Warner Games Ever Played

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The Pop Warner Super Bowl that took place at Disney's Wide World of Sports in December of 2009 was the culmination of a hectic and successful season for the oldest and largest youth football organization in the United States. The event contained many exciting and memorable moments for kids, sports enthusiasts and parents. It may well have contained the top five Pop Warner games ever played, although there may be generations of devoted parents willing to debate that. One hallmark of this established and respected organization is a dedication to team spirit and a commitment to excellence. You can see it on the field in every game.

Championship games are only the last step in a long process. Players start their season openers at the end of August or the beginning of September, and each team plays seven to nine games in the regular season. Junior Peewee, Peewee, Junior Midget, Midget, Junior Bantam and Bantam divisions can qualify for youth sports playoff games, and the regional champions are invited to Disney's Wide World of Sports™ Complex in Lake Buena Vista, Fla., for the annual Pop Warner Super Bowl competition.


We think these standout games from the 2009 championship deserve a big mention, but if you have your own favorites, we won't fault you for it. From youth coaching at its best to leadership in action, Pop Warner is doing something right. The Pop Warner organization stresses the importance of academic achievement, discipline and teamwork over the elevation of any single player to "star" status. As we review these and other exciting games from the 2009 Pop Warner football season, it's clear that they have a winning formula.


The Liberty City Warriors Win against the Shaker Fire Raiders

This Junior Peewee team matchup illustrated what heart and muscle can accomplish on the field. When the dust settled, the score was 27 to 6 in favor of the Liberty City Warriors, whose shattering defensive moves and hard hitting running game triumphed in the end to win the Division-I National Championship.


The Florida City Razorbacks against the Watkins Hornets

The Hornets prepare for battle with the Razorbacks.
The Hornets prepare for battle with the Razorbacks.
Photo courtesy of DC DPR

Showing that you can get off to a bad start and still recover, the matchup between the Florida City Razorbacks and the Watkins Hornets in the Peewee Division- I competition started with a virtually uncontested 77-yard touchdown by Florida City's Dionte Mullins. But the Hornets weren't going to give up so easily. They rallied to put a score on the board for themselves and the game ended with the Hornets victorious in this national championship game with a score of 22 to 8. This can-do attitude and never-give-up style of play is what the Pop Warner Football League is all about.


The White Oak Warriors Memorable Third National Championship

We believe in rooting for the underdog once in a while, but you can't get much better than the juggernaut that was the White Oak Warriors in their third championship season. The team achieved this feat with the help of head coach John Vassos and a dedicated group of solid players. Most have been playing together for three years, and with a 46 and 0 record for their three-year run, this Junior Midget team was unstoppable in the competition. Pick a play and you'll see why youth sports build strong bodies and alert minds.


The Richmond Giants Beat the Oak Ridge Colts

The Richmond Giants had the speed and power to make it happen, winning the Division- I Midget National Championship game 29 to nothing over the Oak Ridge Colts. It was their 33rd consecutive victory, and by the time it was over, the fans were out of their seats cheering.


The Asbury Park Blue Bishops vs. the Goulds Rams in the Division-II Semi-Final

Dubbed a new classic, this nail-biter was tied eight to eight going into the fourth quarter. Although the Rams were triumphant with a score of 16 to 14, that spread doesn't adequately represent how closely matched these teams were or how masterfully they handled the pressure to meet the challenge of the competition.


A Parent's Guide to Coaching Pop Warner Football

A Parent's Guide to Coaching Pop Warner Football

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