Top 5 Golf Grip Tips

Proper Equipment
Many golfers wear gloves on their strong hand.
Many golfers wear gloves on their strong hand.
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Worn-out club grips can be slick, causing your grip to slip or making you hold on too tightly.

Grips that are too large cause your hands to react too slowly to your swing. Grips that are too small cause your hands to overreact. Either way, your shot won't go straight [source:].

The only thing between you and your golf club besides the grip is your glove. While some golfers do fine without one, having a good golf glove on hand is another way to reduce slippage and increase consistency in your shots. Most gloves are made of leather and are worn on the hand opposite the one that is dominant.

For best results in finding the proper grips or gloves, contact your nearest PGA Pro. He or she can also help you with techniques and tips for your grip and other areas of your golf game.

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