Top 5 Golf Grip Tips


Different Grips

The overlap is the most common golf grip.
The overlap is the most common golf grip.
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There are three basic golf grips: the overlap, the interlock and the 10-finger grip.

The most widely used grip is the overlap. To achieve this grip, take the little finger of your right hand and place it over the forefinger of your left hand. If you're a southpaw, do the reverse. If you have average-size or large hands, this is likely the best grip for you [source: U.S. Golf Schools and Travel]. But if your digits are shorter than average and you've been told your hands are a little "meaty," the interlock grip might be what you need.

The interlock grip is similar to the overlap, but instead of your right-hand pinky covering your left-hand index finger, the two digits interlock.

According to former PGA Professional Louis Esselen, senior golfers may prefer the hammer, or 10-finger, grip, because it gives more freedom of motion. It's supposed to be ideal for people with small or weak hands, too. All 10 fingers are placed directly on the club, with the little finger of the right hand and the forefinger of the left hand touching.